Why Voigt?

Uniwersal VC 250

A concentrated, antistatic general cleaning agent for water-resistant surfaces.

Easy Furni VC 137

A comprehensive agent with a pleasant fragrance; evaporates quickly; does not leave smudges or runs.

Easy Glass VC 177

It has a pleasant fragrance, evaporates quickly and effectively removes dirt, dust and finger marks.

Brudpur VC 242

Concentrated, strong agent for thorough cleaning and removal of greasy stains from alkali-resistant surfaces.

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We are proud to be a member of Cleaning and Support Services Association, supporting the cleaning industry and saving the planet by using an environmentally friendly agents.

Our Lines

Combination of an ecological approach with an economy of usage.  

The cleanliness and hygiene of hotel rooms is a priority for every hotel, because it has such a decisive impact on customer satisfaction.

Keeping in mind the importance of quality, cleanliness and safety in catering facilities, we have developed a professional range of products for kitchen usage.  

To meet the needs of individual customers and on the basis of our experience gained in production of professional cleaning agents we have created a retail line of products.

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